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Sterile Non-Powdered Latex Surgical Gloves, Various Sizes

These sterile, non-powdered latex surgical gloves, available in various sizes, are designed to protect both patients and medical professionals during surgical procedures. They feature an anatomical design, textured surface, adhesive strip, and internal polymer coating for enhanced performance. The natural color (item 122630) adds to their professional appearance. Each package contains one pair (left and right gloves, with curved fingers). Manufactured in compliance with EN 455/ASTM D-3577 standards. Caution: may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

Price р.0.85

Ретракторы OptraGate

OptraGate - это вспомогательное средство для увеличения рабочего поля просто, эффективно и комфортно. Губы и щеки полностью отодвигаются, за счет чего обеспечивается относительная изоляция рабочего поля от слюны.

Price р.5.13

Root Needles №1, №2, №3

Root needles are designed for precise and effective medicament treatment of teeth. Their rounded shape and zigzag notches ensure reliable retention of cotton pellets when introducing medicinal substances into the root canal. Made of high-quality carbon steel for durability and efficiency. Minimum order quantity - 100 pieces.



Price р.0.14

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