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Список товаров бренда Carestream Health Inc., США

Импортер в РБ: ЗАО "Белмедпоставка"

A Customer-Focused Company

We are passionately committed to doing all the right things to help our customers be successful. We provide high-value technology, products and services through engaged employees who drive continuous innovation and operational excellence. The work we do matters.

We serve industrial markets around the world with our non-destructive testing products, enabling customers to capture high-quality images for applications such as aircraft inspection, assemblies, castings and forensics.

We also partner with progressive companies to commercialize customer-focused products by applying our precision roll-to-roll coating processes and large-scale manufacturing facilities for market opportunities that include energy storage, electronics, displays, automotive components and much more.

See our 3,300 square foot first-class showcase which exemplifies all that Carestream has to offer – our products, our commitment to innovation, and our drive to superior customer satisfaction.

Carestream Health, Inc
150 Verona Street
Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: +1 585-627-1800
Toll Free: +1-888-777-2072

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